Nnotated Bibliography: My philosophy of leadership OM8920

I need 20 annotated bibliography on a leadership philosophy. The writer can choose this theory and or philosophy and I would request that that writer be willing to do a 15 page paper within the next two weeks on that philosophy.

Annotated Bibliography: Your philosophy of leadership should be informed greatly by the scholarly literature. In this project deliverable, you will submit an annotated bibliography of 15-20 works that provide foundational support for your theory of leadership, the final deliverable of this project. Your annotated bibliography should follow APA (5th edition) formatting and citation guidelines.

Format of Annotation:

State the overall purpose of the article.
What was the research or study question being addressed in this article?
State the sources of information upon which the authors have built the article. For example, did they conduct interviews, review literature, or use questionnaires or phone calls to collect data? Or was this just a conceptual piece in which the authors gave opinions? If the latter, what do they base these opinions on?
What are the conclusions reached by the author?
What is your evaluation or critique of the article?