Nnotated Bibliography of Intelligence Success or Failure

Project 1: Annotated Bibliography of Intelligence Success or Failure
Task: Construct an annotated bibliography of at least six scholarly works on one of the intelligence successes or failures listed below. Adhere to the assessment requirements below and choose your topic carefully. You will use this topic again in the second and third assessments in the course.
Choose one of the following:
Pearl Harbor (1940s)
Cuban Missile Crisis (1960s)
Example of U.S. Insider Espionage (between 1950 and 1995)
Collapse of the Soviet Union (1980s-90s)
Yom Kippur War (1970s)
Iraq WMD (2000s)
1. Please use APA for your references
2. Watch the UMUC Library tutorial on annotated bibliographies at: or biases in the material.
5. Use correct English grammar and punctuation.
6. Submit your assignment by the end of week 3 via your assignments folder. Label your assignment with first initial, last name, a?Bibliographya?.
7. Late assignments will be docked five points per calendar day they are late.
This assignment constitutes 20% of your grade. You will be graded according to the standard grading rubric.