Nnotated bibliography on Fernando Pessoa and nationalism (see attached document)

Annotated Bibliography:
1 to 3 books (100 to 150 words on each text)
4 to 6 journal articles or book chapters (100 to 150 words on each article)

Taken TOGETHER, discuss a minimum of 7 titles (e.g. 2 books and 5 articles, or 4 books and 3 articles, etc.)

Final word count between 700 words (lower limit) to 1200 words (upper limit)

During the second term you will receive some suggestions for readings by your class tutor. This exercise has been designed in order to enable independent research and learn how to do an annotated bibliography. This is a chance for you to build an annotated bibliography on ONE of the topics covered during the first part of the second term, so it will serve not only as a revision but also as the first step towards building up critical skills to write an essay. You will be expected to read 1 to 3 books and 4 to 6 journal articles, typically starting with the readings given for each class and tracing other titles through various resources. Annotations are both descriptive (stating briefly the content of the book or article read), and critical (seeking to expose each book or article authors points of view).

Topics (choose ONE topic only):

Fernando Pessoa in English
Fernando Pessoa, Modernism and Modernity
Fernando Pessoa as author
Fernando Pessoa and nationalism
The canon, authors as icons

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