Nnotated Bibliography on Oedipus The King

Topic: Oedipus The King

*RESEARCH ASSIGNMENT: The Annotated Bibliography.
*Make sure the spacing and indentation are correct and appear as they should for an annotated bibliography.
*Use the MLA Style

*Complete an annotated bibliography consisting of three annotations.
* Only use sources from the internet if the ENTIRE article is reprinted. Do not use abstracts.
* Use materials from an academic library
*All annotations should come from journals.
* If you use citations from a book please provide bibliographic information from the original journal.
* Please do not use reviews of books, movies or plays.

* Annotate critical articles written after 1930 focusing specifically on the original work itself. You may use articles from the following journals.
** Accepted journals: Explicator; Greece and Rome; Arion; Classical Philology; Classical Journal; Classical Review; Classical Quarterly; South Atlantic Quarterly; Greek, Roman & Byzantine Studies; Classical Antiquity; The Journal of Hellenic Studies; American Journal of Philology; English Journal; Philosophy and Literature; Yale Classical Studies; Classical Bulletin; Mnemosyne

* Do not use quotations. The entry for each article appears as it would if you were listing it on the Works Cited page of a research paper:

Coffman, Stanley. Irony in Ovids Metamorphoses.Greece and Rome

51 (1958): 225-232. Then, immediately following the period, provide

your summary, which will be no longer than one-third of a page in

length. After completing the first entry, list your next entry and summary.

Entries will appear in alphabetical order and will be double-spaced.

Double space throughout the entire paper. Notice that you indent five

spaces after the first line for the entire annotation.

**Be sure the annotations appear exactly as the sample annotation above. (In the above annotation, Irony in Ovidsis the article title; Greece and Rome, the journal title; 51, the volume number; and 225-232, the page numbers. Notice that there is no Vor Vol.before the volume number 51 or P.before the page number.)
*** annotation MUST be 1/3 of a page in length. All three annotations should fit on one page. Use Arialor Times New Romanfor the font and twelve for the font size.
**its ok for it to go onto the 2nd page.

**If the essay appears in a book and was never published in a journal, please do not use it.
**If it appears in a journal that is not on the approved list, please so not use it
** Avoid articles that make comparisons between the literary work you choose and another literary work (e.g. an article that compares MEDEA with PHAEDRA).
** If an article title mentions another work, do not use the article as one of the annotations.