Nnotated bibliography on Pamelaby S. Richardson

This annotated bibliography on Pamelaby Samuel Richardson should follow the following format specified by my professor:

It will be 8 pages.

Choose 4 peer-reviewed critical essays or articles (preferably from university presses)

For each article, make a work cited entry, then write two pages for each article.

In these two pages, first summarize the critical essay or article (pointing out the main thesis and ideas of the critic), then discuss the relevance of the essay/article. What does this article contribute to your understanding of Pamela”? Does the writer make a good case?

I am requesting writer #1710, if available, as I am satisfied with my prior order from this writer. If this writer is not available to complete this paper by the deadline, another can be assigned.

Also, this paper is about the same primary source material as my other order #763042, so it would probably be a good idea to assign both papers to the same writer.