Nnotated bibliography( Professional research and evaluation )

Professional research and evaluation

Assessment: Annotated bibliography

Critically engaged with relevant literature and major works in your professional practice (conducting literature review), identify ten research reports or article. Your references should include at least one primary source, at least two secondary sources, at least one website and at least one peer reviewed journal. In addition, you should search in at least two ways (electronic mailing list, library stacks, computer databases, ie. ERIC). Discuss, in no more than 1200 words.

1. Ten research articles or reports (reference only in appr. 300 words)
2. Select two of the ten, and discuss (appr 450 each -900 words)
a? Why you have selected the particular research reports
a? How the for key research components (problem, context, method, outcome) are represented in each work; and
a? How each research study has contributed to your professional area (incl ethical issues).