Nnotated Bibliography special population AIDS victims

Annotated Bibliography

Objective: Find 5 items about grief and loss and special populations AIDs victims

Resources can be novels, other books or articles, either online or in real life. (Tell me where I can access the item if it is in real life.) bibliography should be a variety of these things, not all online resources.

Introduce special population AIDs victims in a brief paragraph or two. You may then provide the citation and annotations.

The CITATION must include: the title, author, date, publisher or production company etc., and the LINK if it is online so I can access it. Each entry also must include an ANNOTATION. The annotation is a brief , 4-5 sentences, typically no more than 150 word descriptive and evaluative paragraph. The annotation should summarize the central theme and scope of the book or article. It should inform the reader of the authors point of view, the authority of that author, the intended audience and relevance as it pertains to the topic of choices. Annotations are not detailed.