Nnotated Bibliography Writing Project a Chapt 11

Sources i used :

DE a ENC 1102/Coleman/p. 264-272
This assignment consists of 2 parts: The Critical Preface, and the Annotated Bibliography.
Write a Critical Preface that includes the following information:
o A contextual overview that shows the purpose of the annotated bibliography and suggests its value and significance for the reader
o The research question (or questions) posed by the author
o The dates during which the bibliography was compiled
o An overview of the number of items in the bibliography and the kinds of material included
In the Annotated Bibliography section, please include:
o An MLA citation of all sources used (minimum of 3 sources)
o Sources that show divergent thinking explored
o At least one governmental or educational source (.gov, or .edu)
o An Evaluative Summary of each source
Must be typed, turned in to Turnitin.com. All typing will be double-spaced (except for citations).
It will be scored on a rubric with 5 points, based on the information above. If you do not score a 4 or 5, you will resubmit a Revision.
After revisions/corrections are submitted, you will turn in a clean hardcopy to archive.
There is an excellent example in the book on page 272-273. Be aware of POV shifts (you may use I, but not YOU.