Nnotated Critique of pain assessment tools Sport inventory for Pain”

Annotated bibliography on pain assessment tool
You are required to review the literature for the pain assessment tool that you will have been allocated (e.g. Sport inventory for Pain). This assignment requires you to reflect on how this pain assessment tool has been used within the research context. First, locate papers that may contain useful information then briefly examine and review these papers. Where possible, choose publications which have incorporated the pain assessment tool in different ways (e.g. clinical populations). You are required to choose 6-7 relevant papers to include in your bibliography. For each paper, you are required to write a concise annotation (approx. 150 words) that summarizes the research question, research methods, and main conclusions of the paper. You should consider the clinical application of the tool from the perspectives of the patient, the physiotherapist and/or policy makers as appropriate. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of the tool and reflect on its usefulness in different physiotherapy settings.
Further information about annotated bibliographies can be found here:
You need to submit, via the assignment function on LMS:
a) an electronic Word document of your annotated bibliography
b) an electronic copy of your Endnote library
c) electronic copies of each of your references
_ Identification of relevant papers 5 Marks
_ Correct use of Endnote 2 Marks
_ Correct use of referencing style
_ Succinct summary of each paper
_ Appropriate reflection on issues of clinical applicability of the pain assessment tool 3 Marks
10 Marks