Nnotated Discourse-Based Integrated Lesson Plan

Design a lesson plan about The Five Senses for first grade students. Have your lesson plan contain the parts shown in the model (the model lesson plan will be uploaded). However, you may use different labels or you may add more parts to suit your target learners.

In annotating the lesson plan, you need to explain, describe, give reason, etc. for whatever you decide to include in each part of the lesson. For example, in the objectives part, you need to explain/give reason for your decision to include the particular objectives you did. This kind of annotation should be done throughout the lesson plan.

Here is a link to a sample annotated lesson plan: design the lesson plan. The answers to the questions are what you will write in the annotation portion.

You may decide to present your plan showing two columns: one for the content and opposite it on the other column, the annotations (explanation as to why the particular content is included). You may also decide to use your own format. Whatever format you choose to use, the most important thing is to make clear to your readers the Whyof the Whatof your lesson plan.