Nnotated Outline for SYSTEM THINKING PAPER

Course: Manage Organization Systems & Complexity
Textbook used:
Meadows, D. (2008). Thinking in systems. White River Junction, VT: Chelsea Green Publishing.

Senge, P. (2006). The fifth discipline: The art & practice of the learning organization. New York, NY: Doubleday.

Choose an organizational system that presents an opportunity for improvement. Conduct a gap analysis to define the current state (what it looks like now) and the desired state (what you want it to look like). Then, determine the gap between the current and desired states. Apply theories and concepts of systems thinking you encounter throughout the first 6 weeks of the course. Be sure your analysis takes into account Instructor/peer feedback from weekly Discussion responses, as well as scholarly research from the Walden Library. Integrate models and results from published research as well as representative case studies. Finally, present a plan for addressing and remedying the gap that is grounded in theories and concepts of systems thinking. Your Systems Thinking Paper will be approximately 10 pages in length.

It is recommended that you follow this process and include these items in your paper:
1. Select and describe an organizational system of interest to you.
2. Apply systems thinking concepts throughout your analysis.
3. Describe, using systems thinking concepts, the major attributes and archetypes of your organizational system (e.g., system components, interactions, feedback loops, etc.).
4. Conduct a current state analysis.
5. Conduct a desired state analysis.
6. Complete your gap analysis between the current and desired states.
7. Incorporate peer feedback from relevant Discussions.
8. Integrate academic research and relevant literature.

For this week, create an annotated outline of your future paper , following the organizational structure of your Systems Thinking Paper above. Your outline should contain the following elements:
a? Abstract in APA format
a? Primary, secondary, and tertiary headings according to APA formatting conventions
a? Sufficient narrative and annotation within the outline to allow your colleagues and Instructor to ascertain your progress to date,