Nnual Yam Festival in the Trobriand Islands

To essay writer: I would like you to focus on the annual yam festival in the Trobriand Islands. Our main readings from this class have been from a?The Art of Kulaa? book by Shirley F. Campbell

Art History
Oceanic Art and Culture: Melanesia
Final Paper Due April 24, 2012

Assigned length: 5 double-spaced pages plus references cited
Font: Times New Roman, size 12

This assignment asks you to write a paper on a museum object or a topic from the readings that involves an object. Please address at least 3 of the following 7 questions in your paper:

1) How is the artist defined for the society/topic you are examining?
2) What is the position of the a?artista? in relation to the society/topic you are examining?
3) What is the position of your selected object/motif/activity in relation to the society/topic you are examining?
4) Who belongs to the intended audience for the selected topic/object/motif/activity you are examining?
5) What is the context of display employed in relation to the society you are examining?
6) What kinds of aesthetic and/or semantic information are involved in the topic you are examining?
7) What does this information do in the society you are examining?

If you are not focusing on an object for your overall topic, then your paper should included specific reference to an object related to your subject, and illustratable from a museum such as the BMA or an online source.

So for example, if you are discussing mortuary ritual, you should include at least one specific example of an object used in ritual.

Remember, if you must use someone elseas words, put them in quotes and cite the source; a quotation should be no more than 2-3 sentences long.

Please Include a list of References Cited with your paper.