NOT EXACTLY POLITICAL SCIENCE) Research proposal on Development aid and governance

I need a research proposal in the Governance and Development field of Development Studies. Governance and Development is one of my modules and the specific topic is Development aid and governance (the effectiveness of development aid and what that means for governments etc).

As this is the research proposal, there needs to be a literature review section (thus I have quoted 8 references).

The research proposal must consist of the following elements:
-Problem statement (research background)
-Research objectives
-limitations to and scope of study (demarcation of research)
-literature review
-importance of the study
-research methodology
-research techniques
-ethical considerations
-clarification of terms
-time framework
-chapter layout

It is important that the author include information on the case studies etc, that will be made reference to in the next document (this one is the start of a series of 2 papers).

Please do not hesitate to ask for further information.

Thank you!