Nrollment Management:Salvation or Ruination?

Write a paper in which you develop a scholarly analysis of an issue related to the practice of enrollment management within higher education: 1. A scholarly analysis includes the identification of a pertinent and relevant issue within enrollment management in higher education and synthesizes the fndings of published work in the field. 2. Present ideas or concepts within the issue that are worthy of further research and discussion. (A few unique interests are: a. enrollment projections and budgeting; b. persistence and retention; c. expanding access; d. relationships between enrollment management and strategic planning; and e. faculty roles in enrollment management initiatives such as recruitment, persistence, and retention; or another area) Perform a search for scholarly, peer-reviewed published literature from within the most recent five years as related to your area of identified interest. MUST INCLUDE 3-5 RESOURCES. Runninhhead should be: BradleyVLHE7007-7. Please leave page one blank so I may insert cover page information, so the body(content) is 5 pages.