NS Pharmacology (Pharmacological management of Parkinsons disease)

Main topic Title: Central Nervous System Pharmacology

My Sub-title: Pharmacological Management of Parkinson s Disease

A rough Layout:

1.0 Introduction

Brief outline of the disease
background / history of PD
symptoms / clinical features
pathophysiology (motor pathways of basal ganglia, aetiology: theories/ idiopathic)
-say what I am going to cover in the rest of the report

This report will discuss the major drug treatments of PD considering the motor, psychological and inflammatory disorders occurring in PD. I will evaluate new therapies that are being lounged by the pharmaceutical companies and will critically analyse animal models and their clinical efficacy in discovering/developing new drugs.

2.0 Main Body: Pharmacological management

2.1 Drug treatments targeting motor disorder of PD

(a) Levodopa (L-Dopa)
(b) DA agonists
(c) MAO-B Inhibitors
(d) COMT inhibitors
(e) Amantadine
(f) Anticholinergic drugs (for tremor reduction)
(g) Novel drugs: NMDA receptor antagonist

2.2 Treatment options for depression and psychosis in PD

(a) How is L-Dopa Helping?
(b) Other psychotic drugs for PD

2.3 Anti-inflammatory agents in PD

(a) etc&

Link animal models with drug treatments
- discuss animal models with respect to their drug discovery / development
- compare old animal models (e.g. 6-OHDA lesions) vs. new ones ( eg. MPTP model, α synuclein & monoamine mutant models)
- how good the new models are/ how they changed over the past few decades
- critical evaluation/analysis. In my opinion new models offer better& . (back this opinion with evidence/ references).Look at original journals.
- How animal models lead to clinical efficacy.

Last paragraph
mention newer treatments under development
mention in 1 sentence surgical treatments

3.0 Conclusion

E.g. conclude major findings, 1st line treatment is & .
PD is a complex neurodegenerative disorder that requires varying types of drugs, depending on the stage of disease, personal preference & how fast symptoms appear.
Consider if surgical transplant is better than drug treatments in the long term management of PD. Future directions& ..

4.0 References