NSBKG405A Establish and maintain a payroll system (FNS40610 Certificate IV in Accounting)

* Please do not copy & paste from the website
* Please USE ONLY AUSTRALIA WEBSITE to do my assignment such as au
* ONLY USE AUSTRALIA WEBSITE to search information, DO NOT USE ARTICLE to answer the questions.
* DONT NEED to have TOO MANY REFERENCES. It is fine if you just use only the website au to answer all the questions.
* BE CAREFUL about the dead line. Im living in Australia, so the time zone must be different as yours.
* PART 1 is doing in power point. Also in this part, you have to give any name for the company.
* PART 2 is doing in Microsoft Word, and in this part, teacher requires to answer the questions using step by step, because it is procedures of the payroll manual.
* Please BE ATTENTION, this is AUSTRALIA PAYROLL SYSTEM, NOT US PAYROLL SYSTEM. So, when you answer the all the questions, make sure you follow AUSTRALIA LAW.