NSS VS Total Station) Base for Deformation Monitoring of Bridge

Note in the following dissertation proposal that i need grammer correction and the reader must understand what is my aim and objective for this dissertaton regarding deformation monitoring of

bridge very easy due to its efficient features. However, it has some disadvantages too along with advantages. GNSS has limited by having clear access to the satellite that provide relative position, GNSS need to utilize in clear view without any obscure. In this dissertation I will present effective Deformation monitoring of Bridge by GNSS
Overview the contrast GNSS and Total station and you will find the GNSS ones is faster than total station according to my research.

To investigate the relationship between surveying instrument (GNSS plus Total station and the problem effect during deformation monitoring measurement of the dynamic Bridge, additional to identify accurate and precise instrument among these two instrument relating to deformation monitoring of bridge

– To analysis the result of total station and are compared to GPS data, out line in this dissertation are the result from total station trial, including the bridge trial.
– To discuss advantages and disadvantages of the instrument relate to monitor bridge,

Methodology: (How do you propose to do this? ) (key methods)
Aim is to identify accurate and precise instrument among two instruments and to analysis the result of total station and are compared to GPS data, this dissertation will be divided in to two parts. The first part to research why Bridges are need to monitor, problems with bridges as well as bridge construction categories: Second parts which is the main parts of this dissertation will be Instrument such as GPS and total station monitoring Bridge, although I did not mange to meet a couple of surveyors and total station and GPs operators due to busy schedules. So my second research method and the sources used were online. I will do my best to make things easy for the reader to understand.