Nsuring delivery of quality products/services

I am currently managing a small hotel in victoria australia and trying to do a Diploma in business in my spare time!! Please let me know of what you will need.
Report Style Point Form

1. Describe your organisations market focus and market segmentation. Explain how this orientation fits within your organisation and indusrty.

2. Describe your organisations approach to eachof the three main market determinants (cost,quality,time)

3. What methods have you used to measure service levels with respect to customer expectaions? Explain how these past methods can be improved upon.

4. Explain your approach to measuring team performance. What tools and techniques do you use and how do you ensure consistency?

5. Descibe a recent event where you had to provide assistance to a colleague or staff member in relation to their customer service performance. Analyse this event by describing the techniques you used to rectify the situation?