Nsuring Economic Opportunities for Young Americans


ECON-100.001 Jon D. Wisman
Macroeconomics Fall 2009


In order to experience some aspect of our economic world beyond the textbooks, each student must participate in one of the following three activities and submit a written report.
a) Attend a Congressional hearing on an economic issue (e.g. taxation, budgeting, poverty, regulation, trade, etc.). Because Congress may recess early, this alternative might well be done as soon as possible.
b) Volunteer to work in a soup kitchen or shelter (This should only be done by students in groups).
c) Conduct a face-to-face interview with a small business owner.
A Reactionreport must be submitted on or before November 2. Papers may not be more than 1200 words in length (approximately four typewritten, double-spaced pages). Longer papers will not be accepted. No late papers will be accepted. Unsatisfactory papers may not be rewritten.


This project requires that you choose an economic issue (e.g., taxation, budgeting, regulation, trade, housing, welfare reform, farm supports, etc.) and then locate and attend a congressional hearing concerned with the selected topic. Specific reference must be made to the date, the participants names, their party and state affiliations, and their positions on the issue in question. Part of the challenge of this option is to locate the time and place of hearings (Two possibilities are to use the internet or phone Congressional offices).

1) Outline the economic issue under consideration in the set of hearings youve attended.
2) Do the positions taken divide neatly along party lines? If so, is it clear why? If not, why might this be so?
3) According to your now-substantial understanding of economics, assess the rationality of the varied economic arguments presented.
4) Do any of the positions taken appear similar to those expressed by economists youve read this semester? If so, in what matter?
5) If they were to turn to you as an economic consultant to provide the final word on the issue at hand, how would you respond? Be sure to justify your response with solid economic reasoning.

The following is a link to a congressional hearing video about the topic of my essay:

This is a brief discription of the video, however the video must be seen as I am expected to attend the hearing. As stated in the guidance sheet the time and place must be shown, and the members and what sides they are on.

Ensuring Economic Opportunities for Young Americans

Full Committee Hearing
10:00 AM, October 1, 2009
2175 Rayburn H.O.B
Washington, DC
On Thursday, October 1, the House Education and Labor held a hearing to examine the impact on declining rate of youth employment and strategies to ensure that there are economic opportunities available for young Americans.

While the recession has disproportionately impacted young adults, the employment rate among 16 to 24 year-olds has steadily declined by nearly 20 percent over the past decade to its lowest level since World War II. The consequences of reduced work opportunities among young Americans results in fewer long-term employment prospects, less earnings and a decrease in productivity.

This link will open a browser to show all the congressional hearings were you can access my topic, that is if the video link does not work properly.

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