Nswer 10 questions by use this book (Career Management 4 ,Jeffrey H/Gerard A/Veronica M)

Directions: Complete each of the following essay questions. Exam is to be typed and each response to the questions should be no less than one page single spaced with one-inch margins on all sides and 12 Times Roman Font or Arial Narrow. Each question should be followed by the response and appropriate source cited. Question is to be presented single-spaced and bold type and appropriately numbered.

1. Discuss how the establishment of an organizational infrastructure that supports the integration of a career and succession plan competency models and value systems can help employees overcome the doom loop with respect to understanding your own career status.

2. Career development process is complex and rapidly evolving and new theories are continually developing presenting challenges to traditional understandings. Discuss why an understanding of career development processes is critical to management, employee and organizational success.

3. Career management is the lifelong process of investing resources to achieve your career goals. As such, one needs to be responsible for his or her career in the present and in the future. Whatas the major issue facing this industry today? How will you handle it from a career development and career management perspective?

4. Using your knowledge of the Stevensonas career management model identify and briefly describe one activity that should be included in an organizationas career management program. Identify which element of the model the activity you identified fits within.

5. Provide a brief discussion with supporting evidence to the following inquiry: With the responsibility of overseeing career development processes, how does management equip employees with skills that impact their performance in an efficient and effective manner?

6. You have had the unique opportunity to develop a career plan in this academic program. By determining career goals and objectives, you should have become insightful and capable of assessing your current skills and abilities and their respective usefulness in attaining that ideal position. According to your plan, what training and education may be required before advancement is possible with respect to your future plans? What is the biggest obstacle you face in search of success?

7. Many people believe that choosing a job and choosing a career are the same. You know my position; I believe a JOB is Just Over Broke. What is your position? Explain the differences between a job and a career.

8. Thoughts are like a train, they take us somewhere. As a result of completing the requirements of this course, where have your thoughts taken you?

9. Explain the significant impact this career development experience has had and will continue to have on your life.

10. ABC Corporationas HRD department has a business meeting with the strategic planning committee to discuss succession planning. You have been asked to come up with a small-group discussion or activity related to career development. The entire meeting will focus on this topic and will begin with a presentation by the HRD Director, followed by a panel discussion, followed by this activity.