Nswer 11 questionsi??i??this is not an essayi??i??

Answer 11 questions? this is not an essay

List 5 observations for each of the 5 items below (25 observations total). List you items in the Submissionsection below.

1.Basics of Latin Music

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The basics of Latin Music
Duration: (3:31)
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YouTube URL: /The Rumba

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2008 blackpool rumba quarter final heat 2
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YouTube URL: Carlos Santana
This is a video of the famous guitarist Santana performing Oye coma va”. This is a great example of some excellent musicians performing in Latin Style. As you listen, see if you can recognize other elements of music from other countries and genres. (ex. one Middle eastern scale, rock nroll, American jazz, etc.)
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Carlos Santana -Oye Como Va [[ Official Live Video ]] HD
Duration: (9:42)
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6. How is the African-Ecuadorian sanjuan a? Me gusta la lechea? actually an example of a hybrid music?

7. How is the Andean music ensemble now truly in international phenomenon?

8. What are some features of the Peruvian wayno, and how is it that Chaskinakuy captures its character so well in their rendition of a?Amor impossiblea??

9. How do the lyrics of the Afro-Peruvian lando a?Azucar de canaa? reflect the ecology and culture of its home region?

10. What are two examples, discussed in this chapter, of the revival/reinterpretation/transplantation of traditional Latin American musics?

11. discussioni?s
What elements of Latin American music make it distint and unique from other cultures?

Nswer 11 questionsi??i??this is not an essayi??i??

Answer 8 questionsi?? this is not an essay

List 5 observations for each of the 2 items below

1. How is this instrument similar or diffierent to the guitar? How is this music similar or different to american classical guitar performances?
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Ud Taksimi [simon]
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YouTube URL: List several important aspects of Middle Eastern and Arab history that are important for understanding music of the Arab world.

4. What are some ideas, controversies, and misconceptions about a?Music and Islama??

5. Discuss rhythm in Arab music. What is the difference between metric and nonmetric performance? Give examples of each from this chapter and find other examples on the Internet, from the Worlds of Music CDs, or from your own collection.

6. Name a few musical features that contribute to Arab musical aesthetics.

7. What is special about Arab scales (maqamat) and Arab intonation?

8.discussioni?sHow has learning about the music of the Arab world influenced you percecptions of this part of the world and the people that live there?