Nswer 4 questions of International Trade & Enterprise

Answer any Four (4) out of Six (6) Essay questions.
Each question will have some part based on theory and some on application in the lecture slides which I will upload for you.
Write between 450 to 500 words in each answer. (Do not have to list the references,that means you can use as much as number of sources.)

1.a?Import substituting industrialization aimed to promote economic developmenta?: Discuss this statement! How do import substitution policies affect the economies of South East Asia? Give an example of countries in South-East Asia using this policy for their economic growth.
What is the Free Trade agreement amongst countries? What are the limitations of this agreement!

2.Discuss the theory of Imperfect competition and how it is related to Trade? Give 2 examples to illustrate your point of view.
Discuss External economies of scale and Internal economies of scale and give example for each.

3.Discuss underlying factors of Globalization. Who are the winners and Losers of Globalization? Why?

4.Standard trade model and its limitations

5.What are the implications of these trading blocs for international trade? How may they affect a firmas investment decisions? Provide examples.

6.Discuss the Costs and Benefits of Tariff,purpose of Export subsidies in agricultural sector and how it can affect the international trade amongst Nations?