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List 5 observations for each of the 2 items below (15 observations total). List you items in the Submissionsection below.
As, you listen and watch please be thinking about the impact and power this woman had in her culture.
1. Here are many pictures of Umm Kulthum The Voice of Egypt”. Please list 5 things that you find interesting about Umm Kulthum.
Watch Video
Watch Video
Oum kalthoum-OM KALSOUM-Taleal Bedru Aleyna
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Umm Kulthum Questions

1. What is the most reliable suggested date of Umm Kulthumas birth?

2. How did Umm Kulthum describe her mother?

3. How would you explain the village where Umm Kulthum grew up?

4. What city did Umm Kulthum and her family moved to in order to promote her career?

5. What changes in he singing style enabled her to rise to the top of the ranks of Cairos professional singers by 1928?

6. Discussioni?s
What roles did gender and music play in the popularity of Umm Kulthum?