Nswer 9 questions about Leveraging Information Technology for Business Advantage

Answer the following 9 questions,Q1 to Q4 are compulsory to answer. Q5 to Q12, you just have to choose 5 of those to answer. I will upload some materials for you,according these materials to answer that will be better.

Q1. Difference between outsourcing and off-shoring?
Q2. Strengths and weaknesses of outsourcing and off-shoring?
Q3. What operational IT and managerial IT systems should you outsource?
Q4. What issues do you consider when you make decision to outsource?

Q5. What support at operational level does IT offer for a business?
Q6. What support at management level does IT offer for a business?
Q7. What is knowledge management? How does it help a business?
Q8. What is customer relationship management system? How does it help a business?
Q9. What is decision support system? What is sensitivity analysis and scenaria analysis?
Q10. What is Imformation silos”? Does it help sharing knowledge? Why?
Q11. What is Cloud computing”? Benefits and Risks?
Q12. What is OLAP?

Write around 200 words in each answer. Do not have to list the references, that means you can find as many resources as you want.

Thank you very much.