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List 5 observations for each of the 3 items below (15 observations total). List you items in the Submissionsection below.
1. Didgeridoo Construction: Watch this video showing the making of a Didgeridoo. Here is the link: Didgeridoo Playing Contemporary
Watch Video
Watch Video
zalem play didgeridoo mark robinson style
Duration: (3:38)
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YouTube URL: watch?vVk1ViTTZ7fI

4. What is a Didgeridoo?
5. What type of breathing technique is used to play the Didgeridoo?
6. Why has the didgeridoo become widely popular worldwide?
7. How does the didgeridoo effect the human brain?
8. What other Australian invention has become an iconic symbol of national identity for Australia?

9.Discussioni?sWhy do some groups of people choose to imitate nature with music?