Nswer a few questions to participate in a volunteer trip abroad

Please answer these questions (at least one paragraph each answer) as part of an application to participate in a relief effort trip to Haiti organized by a college. Please make answers smart and convincing as the application process will be very competitive.
***Kindly let me know if you can complete this job in closer to 8 Hrs instead of 24Hrs. Ita€™s a very sample assignment (no research involved)
About me: Female College Nursing Student of Haitian decent; currently working in a hospital as a Nursing assistant

1. Why are you interested in an alternative spring break activity?

2. Please explain why you would like to travel to Haiti.

3. How do you see this trip helping you in achieving your service learning, leadership, and/or personal goals?

4. Give an example of a time you dealt with a culture other than your own.

5. In your own words, describe how you felt after seeing the devastation following the earthquake in Haiti via the news and media.