Nswer five questions from article:Why we need to teach our kids how to fail

Hi, i gotta answer five questions for a article called Why we need to teach our kids how to failby AMANDA LANG,()

Four question are:
A:What is the main idea of the reading?

B:In the article, john Ruffolo Says that, in silicon Valley, having a failure or three under your belt is a badge of honour. Youre likely to get new capital if you have the experience that only failing can bring. In Canada, he says , failure is met with shame, and many first-time entrepreneurs never take a kick at the can again.What does Ruffolo mean by that?

C:Why is overcoming failure is sport, business, or life in general an important skill that children should learn at an early age?

D:The author suggests that Canadian culture encourages people to be unambitious, polite, and passive but not enterprising,energetic,and bold.Is that so? Why or Why not?

E:What can be done to increase Canadas competitiveness on a global scale?