Nswer following questions. 1 page for each question. Book from Primary Source 3rd edition (ISBN:9781478108412)

For every question that they choose, follow these directions: (1)Answer all parts of the question, (2) Present evidence from the readings to support your answers. Do not refer to page numbers.Rather, you should quote passages,(3) Make sure that you draw from the entire reading –(from beginning to middle to end !!!Must be this way from the passage) -when you produce passages as evidence. In other words, an exam should not present passages from only the first few pages or it should not repeat the use of a passage.
It is very important to make a claim, support and provide evidence. Do not just summarize the passage. Your thought must be provided in a claim.

(Question1) What recommendations do these literary works make regarding how citizens should live their lives? Point out similarities and differences as we move from pagan to Christian times. Compare similarities in Stoicism and Christianity. Three literary works to discuss: The Aeneid & the Hero Aeneas; Everyman; Danteas Divine Comedy.

(Question 2) Compare the concept of the Greek Ideal to the concept of the Monastic Ideal (Achilles vs. the Benedictine Monk). What ideas are carried forth from pagan to Christian times? Three literary works to discuss: The Iliad ; Platoas Allegory of the Cave; Everyman.