Nswer of questions about Death of a Salesmanby Arthur Miller(look at the detail)

go to google and find the full text(PDF) of Death of a SalesmanBy Arthur Miller and answer these questions below for Act I, Act II,and the Requiem.Notice that you do not have to write the questions again just write the number of the question and the answer and do not use any sources:
Act I
1)How old willy Loman?
2)The phraseThankfully lets his burden downreferred to what?
3)Who was currently in charge of the Wagner Company?
4)What was Willys sales region?
5)Which son,after having worked on a farm,had returned home at the age of 34?
6)Biff believed he had wasted his life.true or false?
7)Why would not Happy run off with his brother Biff?
8)What contact might biff look up?
9)Which character was to have helped Biff pass his Regents?
10)Where did Ben.Willys brother.make his fortune?
11)What did Willys father do for a living?
12)What spirit or character traits did Willy want to install in his son?
13)When did Willy act the worst?
14)What ultimatum did Linda give Biff?
15)What Salary did Willy want Biff to ask for?
16)What did Linda want Willy to ask Howard?
17)Why did Biff remove the rubber tubing?
Act II
1)What did Willy promise Linda hed buy?
2)What was Willys complaint about things he bought?
3)Linda reassured Willy about what accomplishment?
4)What did Linda realize about the rubber pipe?
5)What was Willys reaction to Bernards probing
6)Howard was preoccupied with what object? What did his preoccupation suggest about modernity and consumerism?
7)What was Bernards occupation?
8)For how many years had Willy worked for the Wagner Company?
9)Willy took the job that Charley offered him.True or False?
10)What two questions about Biffs younger days did Bernard ask Willy?
11)What did Biff see when he visited his father in Boston?
12)How did Biff change after the Boston trip?
13)Why did Willy feel his suicide would end Lindas suffering?
14)Who seemed to be encouraging Willy to commit suicide?
Questions on the Requiem
15)Who dared to say that Willy had the wrong dreams?
16)Who will pursue the dream of being the number-one man?
17)Why was Linda not happy?