Nswer one of the following questions in an essay of 2500 words (Please choose one question out of 4 from order description)

References: minimum sources of references are 15 or more
Instructions: Answer one of the following questions in an essay of 2500 words.
: Please tell me what topic you have chosen

1. With specific reference to at least two of the following policy issues  gay rights,
abortion, criminal sentencing, illegal immigration  discuss how and why direct
democracy and popular government have strengthened in recent times. Reflect
upon these developments in light of the Framers fears about the  tyranny of the
majority , and their striving for representative government by enlightened  trustees
who would protect minority rights and the  true public interest.

2. With specific reference to social welfare politics and policy, consider how
interdependency and the federal government s superior taxing power contributed
to a larger policy role for the national government from the 1960s, how and why this
changed with the impetus to  devolution in the 1990s, whether these factors are
likely to increase or decrease in importance in coming years, and what this might
mean for the future of American federalism.

3. It is said that civil liberties are not absolute but must be balanced against other
considerations  such as public safety and national security  and against one
another when different rights conflict. Evaluate this assertion in light of recent
developments and practices relating to both (i) due process and the rights of the
accused, and (ii) the  war on terrorism . Speculate in an informed fashion about
likely future developments in these domains.

4. De facto discrimination on the basis of sex, race and ethnicity has proven much
harder to overcome than de jure discrimination, despite equal protection under the
law in areas such as education, employment and voting. Discuss how and why the
material gains of these disadvantaged groups have fallen short of their legal gains,
and evaluate the main obstacles to achieving a more equal America.