Nswer one of the topic questions provided

hey, the writer needs to answer one of the 4 provided questions. The questions are: 1. In what ways and for what purposes do playwrights effectively indicate time and place? Discuss with reference to works by at least two playwrights you have studied. 2. Playwrights may use various methods to convey the thoughts of characters. Explore some of these methods and their effects, with reference to one or more characters in plays by at least two playwrights you have studied. 3. Discuss works by at least two writers you have studied in which effects are achieved through humour or sadness, or by the interaction of the two. 4. Writers often use setting to emphasize important ideas. Discuss how effectively this has been done in the works of at least two writers you have studied. From the above, the writer needs to chose one. The three playwrights we have studied are A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE by Arthur Miller, THE BIRTHDAY PARTY by Harold Pinter and KING LEAR by Shakespeare. The essay I am ordering needs to be based on at least two of those books, preferably all three. The books need to be introduced and comparisons of the books need to be made. Thanks a lot.