Nswer questions from peer-reviewed articles included

For each article (there are 3 articles included), I would like for you to do the answer the following questions and write 6 critically thinking questions per article based on that article to lead a class discussion on that article. The questions need to be at a graduate college level, please do your best job. I have used your services before as a writer and I was very impressed.

Questions to answer for each article (please paraphrase):
1. What is the focus of the article?
2. What is the methodology of the article?
3. What are the hypotheses (expected findings) of the article?
4. What are the actual findings?
5. How is this article related or connected to the other two articles and their findings?
6. Please write 6 critically thinking questions for this (and each article) to lead a class discussion. The questions must be appropriate for college level class discussion (they cannot be obvious, everyone is assumed to have read these articles prior to the discussion)