Nswer questions from uploaded information.

The class is called Christian Excellenceand I need the questions located on Page 4-5of the uploaded information answered thoroughly please. I uploaded the whole syllabus, but you probably only need the first 5 pages for information pertaining this assignment. I included the remaining information for information purposes only about the class, just for reference. Please answer the questions honestly and almost pessimistically from the included uploaded information on pages 4-5. Three sources are needed in formulating this assignment and can be from any outside sources, however, please use the sources cited in the texts used in class located on Page 2of the uploaded information if possible, (Im trying to locate these sources in a pdf format or ebook so that I can upload them for you, but so far I cant find them available for me to purchase as an ebook or pdf for you, so if you can locate them yourself, hard copy, it would be greatly appreciated! Or if you know a way that I can get you these sources, or at least 1 or 2, preferably Kenneth Oosting or Jon Johnston, please let me know and I will purchase them myself for you or download them and upload them for you)if not, please use credible sources from the internet if possible, thanks much! (Please write at a college FRESHMANlevel. Please dont hesitate to ask me anything! Thank you in advance for you help and expertise)