Nswer Questions on Healthcare Information Management System

Answer all question in completely. The Questions
Question one:

The forces compelling a transformation in healthcare and how IT can be leveraged in that transformation.

Strategies for achieving interoperability of health care applications.

The benefits of leveraging information technology, such as the EMR, in health care.

Question 2:

Core competencies for IT departments that support health care organizations.

Challenges to strategy implementation and the process to ensure successful implementation.

Key players for the strategic planning process and the role of IT.

Question 3:

Key principles for achieving quality of health care and patient safety along with IT solutions that can support the organization in attaining these principles.

The DMAIC steps to take to implement a Six Sigma quality project for a given health care scenario

The role of patient outcomes in the delivery of quality care including the information needed to analyze patient outcomes and the information systems that would be used to analyze those patient outcomes.

Question 4:

Benefits and challenges of using Electronic Health Records to deliver quality care that is patient-centered.

The advantages, disadvantages, and strategy for single-vendor vs. best of breed systems alternatives.

The benefits, barriers and strategy for CPOE implementation.
Question 5:

Identify sources of information that would support a comprehensive CDSS for each phase of the clinical process.

Define and discuss administrative decision support systems (ADSS) in healthcare, their benefits and application in the business.

Discuss the practice of evidence-based medicine and the data and application systems needed for successful use of EBM.

Question 6:

Describe and analyze the importance of management support as a key to successful technology implementations in healthcare.

Describe the key stakeholders, and their roles, in a successful technology-based, care transformation project.

Given the three primary communities involved with most information technology implementations, discuss the critical success factors for a successful implementation and the issues associated with those success factors.

Question 7:

Discuss the role of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in regards to protecting privacy and security.

From a confidentiality standpoint, discuss the additional concerns introduced by the Internet and use of email in the health care organizations environment.

Discuss the major issues associated with technology solutions for consumer (not personal) health information and recommend solutions for those issues.

Question 8:

Describe the role of the HCIS (health care information system) and the primary health care organizational activities addressed by the HCIS

Discuss the technology-related challenges resulting from the implementation of an EMR solution.

Describe the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing cloud computing with healthcare applications.