Nswer questions on the Loblaw Case for Business policy and strategies

read the case Lowblaw Companies Limited: preparing for Wal-Mart Supercenters (i will attch it)and answer those question in bullet points>
1.what are the business and economic characteristics of the canadian supermarket industry in terms of:
a.market size and growth
b. number and strength of main rivals
c. scope of rivalry,and
d. product innovation?

2. how is the canadian supermarket industry changing? identify the underlying drivers of change in the industry and explain how those forces individually and collectively are changing competition in the industry.

3. identify the success factors for supermarket operators such as Loblaw

4. What does a SWOT analysis of the company in 2003 show? what had changed by 2007? (here do the SWOT analysis for 2003 and show the change with 2007)

5. What was the companys strategy against Wal-Mart during John Lederer era?

6. What specific actions did the comapny take?

7. What difficulties did they encounter?

8. How successful was Loblaws strategy?
(here calculations: income statemnt, on balance sheet:dbt equity ratio)

9. What specific actions should Lowblaw take to improve its competitiveness?
10. How might Lowblaw exploit its local knowlegde of the Canadian supermarket industry to defend against Wal-Marts entry?

Just make sure you answer in bullet point