Nswer the below questions label 1, 2, 3

Discussion Question #1: As a project manager for an electronics manufacturer, you are supposed to design a new, low-cost MP3 player in three monthsi?? time working with a team of three technicians. Because outcome, schedule, and resources are all interrelated, what are some options you might consider if you suddenly lose two of your technicians? (p. 24 Project Management Textbook)

Discussion Question #2: At a pharmaceutical firm, researchers are assigned to clusters of diseases (mental health conditions, autoimmune diseases, neurological diseases) rather than to a specific drug research project. What might be some of the benefits of organizing the firmi??s research efforts in this manner? (p. 72 in Project Management Textbook)

Discussion Question: Recall an everyday project you led or managed that did not go so well. Perhaps iti??s a paper that you did not complete on deadline or a party you hosted and no one enjoyed. Which of the common mistakes in Section 4.7.1 did you experience? Which of the strategies to avoid these pitfalls (Section 4.7.3) might have helped your project be more successful? (p. 113 in Project Management Textbook)

Textbook if needed

Project Management: Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling Projects (1st edition), Portny, S. E., et al.