Nswer the following 2 easy political science questions with one page each. Very simple and very quick…

Follow these instructions as quickly as possible. Answer the two questions with one page answers each. For example, Answer question 1 with a one page answer and question 2 with a one page answer. there isnt much to do and it sould only take an hour or two if the writer is good at what they do. Please know that I only have until 3:00 tomorrow afternoon and the answer should be very concise and simple. You do not have to Cite anything. Please, I really appreciate it. Thanks. Again, You must answer both questions...

Four rules:
1. Do not let your answers overlap in any way
2. Organize your answers well
3. Be sure to throw in relevant details
4. Use and show an understanding of what we have called the triadic structure of a political ideology

Explain how both the Iranian Constitution and Thomas Aquinas philosophy of law are inspired by theistic ideals. Now intellectually  attack the former with the latter. Is this merely a theistic family squabble or are larger issues involved? Explain.

4. Pretend (even if you don t like to be forced in this way) that you had to live either in Plato s utopian polis (with all its defects) or in Aristotle s communitarian polis (with all its defects). Which one would you pick and why? Be explicit in your pros and cons of both systems as you see them. Be fair to each thinker, meaning don t create a  strawman to knock down.