Nswer the following question after reading Heart of Darkness: Why does Marlowe lie to Kuitzs fiancee at the end of the Heart of Darkness”?

This is an essay for our English class. Make sure this essay is about the  Heart of Darkness , which is written by Joseph Conrad. Every opinion and idea should have great relationship with the  Heart of Darkness . Please write an essay about  Heart of Darkness to answer the following question:  Why does Marlowe lie to Kuitzs fiancee at the end of the Heart of Darkness? Since I am a international student in LA, the sentences should not be gorgeous. I have to follow my professors format: First, I need to write one introduction, four body paragraphs, and one conclusion. For the introduction, I have to write 8 sentences. The last sentence has to be the thesis of the paper. The idea of the thesis is the most important to me. For the body paragraphs, I have to write 14 sentences. The 1st sentence is the topic sentence. The 2-4th sentences should be the fact to support the topic sentence. The 5th sentence has to be the secondary source with the page number and credit to it. The 6th-7th sentences have to be fact to support the secondary source. The 8th-10th sentences are the fact to support topic sentences. The 11th sentence is the secondary source. 12th-13th are the facts to support the details. And the 14th will be the closing sentence. For every body paragraph, there should exactly 2 secondary sources, no more, no less! So for the 4 body paragraphs, there are totally 8 secondary sources, please select 2-3 sources from the book  Heart of Darkness . Others can be outside sources. And try to use the sources from the Newspaper or book. If you have to use the Internet, make sure you use the website like  .org , .or  edu , do not use  .com . It has to follow the MLA style. For the conclusion, it has to be 8 sentences. Please follow my format exactly. Remember the thesis is the most important and has to be the format as following:Although , . An example for it is  Although prejudice is not serious than before, there are still many unfair systems in USA. Thank you for your assist very much!