Nswer the following questions in detail.

Answer the following questions in detail. Please give thoughtful examples using your text, outside sources and personal reflection. Each answer should be at least one page in length but no more than two pages. Please insert your last name and date only in the footer at the bottom of each page. All pages should be stapled together.

1. Conducting research in communications Explain the four primary approaches taken in communications research. Give specific examples of each type of research and discuss why each is important.

2. Look at the a?Contentsa? section at the beginning of your textbook. Of the fifteen chapters offered in the text, what interests you the most and why? Within that chapter, what topics are you most interested in learning about and why?

3. Consider the important communication aspects of your chosen major / area of study or profession. Look at The Breadth of the Communication Field ( Chapter Two) in the text and list the areas of communications that you believe are most relevant to your area of study or profession and why? Rank the eight classifications in order of importance for your area of study or profession. List at least two reasons why each of the eight classifications is important to you in your area of study.

I will upload 2 files for question 2 and 3 , please read all the files carefully and answer the three questions above