Nswer the four financial questions to analysis Tesco and Sainsbury

The four question is below:
1. Calculate and interpret the profitability, efficiency, liquidity and gearing ratios for Tesco plc for the last three years. How do these compare with that of their competitor, Sainsbury? (Show your workings, including formulae clearly) (1500 words)
2. Interpret the health of both companies for the last three years using a) Altmanas model b) Tobinas Q model.
Explain your answers, linking your companies to the theories proposed by the authors. In case there are alternative ways to calculate the models, explain the alternatives and reasons for your choice. (1500 words).
3. What are the limitations of ratio analysis in general and in relation to your company? (500 words)
4. Using ratios forecast the final accounts, if cash trading increased by 10%. Clearly state any assumptions you have made in the presentation. (500 words)
please pay more attention on question 1 and 4, the analysis in those two part are very important

I sent the PLC of Tesco and Sainsbury and a studentas essay which get 60 marks can be a sample. However, this essays calculation might be some errors, the article structure is good. After finish this 4000 word essay, please put the formula which have used in this paper and the calculation process of the formula in the appendix.

Referencing Requirements:
The references must very academic which are the best from books, ebook, EBSCOhost databases or Emerald.
Do not put the references on the bottom of the pages.
The references must have 15 at least