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ARCH 1268 Planning for Community Development a Scenario
Scenario Week 6 a Assessment and Learning (
Part of the intention with scenario assessment is to allow the opportunity for emergent learning. By
this, we mean that as we get to know you all, we can create shifts in focus and emphasis on particular
capabilities that are the course foci, as well as aspects of the content curriculum. For example, more
questions may emerge around the role of values, world views and belief systems as scenarios are
submitted and marked, so you have more opportunities to develop or enhance those skills and to apply
them in professional settings and decision making. The second intention is that you may choose
themes or areas of focus of particular interest to you. (This is also why we sometimes ask you to
consider a topic from your a?programa point of view a to look for the synergies and so others benefit from
hearing that point of view).
Throughout the early stages of semester, you are asked to do types of assessment you may not have
had to do before. Often times, the response from students generally, is to try to really establish what is
required, in the form of what an assessment might a?look likea or if they are a?on the right tracka.
For the purposes of this activity, you are asked to discuss, and reflect on that discussion, in relation to
your experience of these assessments.
[For scenario submission in week 6, you are asked to reflect on our group discussion about the
process and experience of assessment]
For the group section of this scenario, you might consider, but are not limited to, the following
1. In light of the learning outcomes for the course, where are the difficulties or challenges in the (total)
assessment in ARCH 1268? Or any aspect of it (do not be uncomfortable being brutally frank, but
please keep the context of the learning outcomes sought. We will heed and apply our learning from
you, also.)
 Is the assessment a?harda? How?
 What does it mean when you ask a?Am I on the right track?a? a how would a?wea know? Where is that
knowledge contained (ie who is empowered to say a?Yesa?)
 What is your perception/understanding of the role of the assessment criteria?
For the individual section, you are asked to reflect on the above discussion and the following
questions. I ask you to use the assessment criteria (on p 6 of the course guide) to ensure you submit a
complete scenario. That includes course concepts and stakeholders, as they might relate to this
2. What do you see as the purpose of asking you to make the major assessment decision a?alonea?
3. What inhibits or delays this decision?
4. What are the emotional factors involved in learning through this process, if any? What terrain do
you need to negotiate to move through?
5. What assumptions can you identify being made by yourself as a student, or by the teaching staff
(once again, it is fine to be critical)