Nswer the question Critically assess how studies of lifespan development have altered our perception of the life course”

The focus of more recent studies have been in those areas traditionally disregarded by development psychology, namely middle and old age. The critically assess means that you need to add some evaluation.
Freud, Levinson and Erikson studied adulthood (put something in about these).
Boundaries between young and old are blurring. Development across lifespan can take different paths/rates.
Emotional development takes place continually.
Many studies presnet a simplistic view of the lifecourse (growth, maturation, decline model) Also ethnocentric because research based on white middle class Americans. Many studies based on men (not relevant to women i.e. different emotional make up, menstruation, pregnancy, menopause).
Conclude by saying studies of life span development have altered our perception of the lifecourse for the better because we now understand…..
Please add in something about the limitations of methods used i.e. people dropping out and not always a cross section of society
Harvard referencing