Nswer the questions according to reading

OBJECTIVE: In the readings we have covered in this first section of the course, we have utilized critical analysis of gender/sexuality to reexamine World Bank projects in Ecuador (Bedford), Israeli checkpoints (Hochberg), US military actions (Feitz and Nagel), and airport security screenings (Currah and Mulqeen). This writing assignment is designed to encourage you to review the readings from the first section of our course, to elevate your understanding of the readings, and to help you to practice writing a well-structured analytical essay. Your essay should answer ALL the below questions in one integrated paper.
QUESTIONS: How do each of these powerful institutions or projects create specific gender/race identities and images of sexualities in order to reproduce a particular kind of power or domination? In which ways do the problems of masculinity and femininity, desire and violence, in these four studies, overlap or reinforce each other, or do their sexuality agendas contradict each other? Based on what you have learned, or upon your own personal or activist experience, how could some of these institutions or practices could be changed or resisted?

Turning it in: This paper should be 1000-1500 words long, single spaced, twelve-point font. Please print up this paper and turn this in at the start of class next week (5pm, Tuesday October 22nd).