Nswer those question and in the end write a discussion paragraph

Use the following scale to rate yourself on personal characteristics.
S :Strong, I am very confident with this one.
G : Good, but I still have room to grow.
W: Weak, I really need work on this one.
U :Unsure, I just donat know.
1. Inner work standards: The ability to personally set and work to high performance standards.
2. Initiative: The ability to actively tackle problems and take advantage of opportunities.
3. Cognitive intelligence: The ability to think systematically and identify causea effect patterns in data and events.
4. Tolerance for uncertainty: The ability to get work done even under ambiguous and uncertain conditions.
5. Social objectivity: The ability to act free of racial, ethnic, gender, and other prejudices or biases.
6. Social intelligence: The ability to understand another personas needs and feelings.
7. Emotional intelligence: The ability to exercise self-awareness and self-management of emotions.
8. Stamina: The ability to sustain long work hours. 9. Resistance to stress: The ability to get work done
even under stressful conditions.
10. Adaptability: The ability to be flexible and adapt to changes.
11. Self-confidence: The ability to be consistently decisive and willing to take action.
12. Self-objectivity: The ability to evaluate personal strengths and weaknesses and motives and skills relative to a job.
13. Impression management: The ability to create and sustain a positive impression in the eyes of others.
14. Introspection: The ability to learn from experience, awareness, and self-study.