Nswering 6 questions based on the book All the Shahs Men”



This paper is to be based on the book All the Shah s Men. Provide evidence for your answers, quoting directly from this book.

1. Describe the role of religion in Iran s history: What were the teachings of Zoroaster, Mohammad, Ali, and Hussein? Did they have anything in common? What was their impact on Iranian government, society and sense of nationhood?

2. What role have the British played in Iran? Why did they seek influence there in the 1800s? How did they react to movements toward reform in Iran? Who was Reza and why was he important? How did Iran change under his rule? Provide examples. Why did he abdicate in favor of his son?

3. Describe the history of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company. Why did Iranian resentment toward it grow? Provide examples. Who was Mossadegh? What was his attitude toward the British and AIOC? Why was he so popular? What were his strengths and weaknesses?

4. Describe the role of the United States in Iran. How did President Truman approach the conflict between Britain and Iran? What world events influenced his approach? How effective were his efforts at mediation? What made compromise so difficult?

5. How did the Cold War figure in Churchill and Eisenhower s approach to the Iran crisis? Why had the CIA been created? What would be its role in Iran? How did the British assist? Why was the coup successful? What were the consequences of the coup in terms of Iranian politics, economy and society? Why did this lead to revolution in 1979?

6. Would the United States, and the world, have been better off without the 1953 coup? Would the crises facing the U.S. and Middle East in 2009 still be happening? For what reasons does Kinzer think it would be folly for the U.S. to attack Iran? Be specific. What does he propose as an alternative approach? Do you agree? Why?

If using extended quotes to support your answers, make sure they are single-spaced. If you are uncertain about using footnotes or quotes, consult Pocket Guide to Writing in History.