Nswering the questions and write an analytical paper base on the readings

Answering the questions and write an analytical paper.
The answer of the questions above is the thesis and argument of the paper
And all the requirements below are the key points for supporting the thesis.
Basically, you will need to answer the questions base on the readings
No direct quotation in text, please paraphrasing it


How does Feminism, as a movement and ideology, expose the tension between the local and the global when it comes to forming alliance along the notion of a?universal sisterhooda? to achieve a more humane and unified world ?
In What way does an inclusive global feminist framework offer us a set of tools to both critique binary modes of organizing the world and tackle issues such as patriarchy, violence, inequality and intolerance that result from understanding the world in binaries?

To answer questions in essay, make sure you:
briefly define Feminism and its evolution to a more inclusive framework 5 pts
Discuss the differences between Western feminist, and Global/Transnational feminism 5 pts
Substantially use at least 3 of the following authors in your analysis: 35 pts
[I will send you the reading for this part]

4. Incorporate the concept of intersectionality 5 pts
5. Discuss the idea of female ethnic 5 pts
[Watching film: where do we go now]

6. Present a feminist analysis of the ways in which the Middle East is being represented and studies(i.e. women and the veil, terrorism, Islam vs. Christianity, occident vs. orient, good muslim vs. bad muslim) 35 pts
[Watching film: where do we go now]

For 5,6 incorporate ideas and scenes from the film : where do we go now?
Movie link: 438719.html