Nswering two questions against a previously analysed organisation/case study on EDDIE STOBART

Hi. This is my assessment in which i have to RE-TAKE. I had an open book exam which i failed in and this is my RE-SUBMISSION ASSESSMENT. I will send you more details and slides from the lecture hall once my order is confirmed. THIS IS ABOUT EDDIE STOBART. Will send you a file about him in which i have researched before the open book exam, and the reference should be from the slides in which i will send once i have been assigned to a writer. I am studying BA Public Relations and the subject is REPUTATION MANAGEMENT

Assessment 1 a Answering two questions against a previously analysed organisation/case study
Refresh your memory of Eddie Stobbart and continue to analyse and research the organisation against the subject matter covered in Weeks 1-10 of the unit. Choose two questions from the from list below and answer using a mixture of text and appropriate models that can be applied to help you address the question. Each question should be 750 words (excluding models).

1. Relate van Riel and Balmeras (1997) Corporate Identity Mix to Eddie Stobart. Ensure you provide practical examples to support your answers. How does this model differ to Davies et alas (2010) Corporate Reputation Chain?

2. What is organisational image-identity alignment and why is it important? How aligned do you think Eddie Stobart is in terms of its image (external) and identity (internal). Give practical examples to support your answers.

3. Explain the different definitions of identity and give an Eddie Stobart example to support each one of these. Now, discuss Albert and Whettenas (1995) concepts of centrality, continuity and uniqueness to Eddie Stobart. What else do van Riel and Fombrun suggest you factor in when thinking about identity?

4. How would you describe the Eddie Stobart corporate brand? Make reference to (1) the different typographies of corporate brands (Olins, Kammerer, van Riel) and (2) using a brand model of your choice (eg Aaker, Kapferer) outline the essence of the Eddie Stobart brand. Justify your thinking using practical examples.

5. Why are organisational stories so important? What is the Eddie Stobart story and how does this fit into the concept of the a?reputation platform and expressing the companya?. What might an Eddie Stobart reputation platform look like?