Nswers Questions on Healthcare Information Management System

Answer questions with at least 2 paragrah per question. 1. The forces compelling a transformation in healthcare and how IT can be leveraged in that transformation.
2. Strategies for achieving interoperability of health care applications.
3. Core competencies for IT departments that support health care organizations.
4. The benefits of leveraging information technology, such as the EMR, in health care.
5. Challenges to strategy implementation and the process to ensure successful implementation.
6. Key players for building a strategic plan and the role of IT.
7. Key principles for achieving quality of health care and patient safety along with IT solutions that can support the organization in attaining these principles.
8. The steps to take to implement a Six Sigma quality project for a given health care scenario
9. The role of patient outcomes in the delivery of quality care including the information needed to analyze patient outcomes and the information systems that would be used to analyze those patient outcomes.
10. Benefits and challenges of using Electronic Health Records to deliver quality care that is patient-centered.
11. The advantages, disadvantages, and strategy for single-vendor vs. best of breed systems alternatives.
12. The benefits, barriers and strategy for CPOE implementation.