Ntarctic sea ice melt and its implications

It focuses on the ocean/atmoshpere interaction and environmental/socetal impact.
the outcomes are:
1. Demonstrate detalied knowlegde of this topic.
2. evaluate the environmental and social impact of chnages in ocean/atmoshpere interaction.
The essay should be written concisely, with figures included in it and the correct scientific terms must be used (SI untis where possible). IT should be structured in the following format:
*Introduction, including the aim and objectives of the essay.
*main body of text
The words limit is 3000 words.
Importnant points:
1. review of relevant literature.
2.citation should be used almost all the time.
3. Referencing in the end should be in Harvard style.
4. Recommendation:
*drawn data from recent studies, where appropriate refer to the finding of the 2007 IPCC report.
*The sources should include at least 4 journals (preferd from Pictures needed to be showed in.
*Clean from Plagiarsm.