Ntenatal education specifically for teenagers improving outcomes

I am a student midwife in my 3rd year (I ticked nursing as this was the closest I could find!). This 6000 word essay has the following guidelines. Using a suitable change management model, propose and develop an innovation plan that aims to enhance quality of care in a chosen area of midwifery. The emphasis should be on normality
The area I have chosen is antenatal classes for teenagers as they have been running for some time in other trusts and have proved to have a positive outcome we do not have them in our trust where I am undertaking my midwifery training so my proposal is to implement them to improve engagement and reduce adverse outcomes. This is a very basic summary of the essay….I have the learning outcomes and also guidance from our lecturers as to what they expect to be in the assignment which I will obviously give to you if you think this is something you can help me with.